I’ve been making things… (just nothing for myself)

I just wanted to pop up with a quick apology for being a bit quiet recently.  I had a really big craft fair on Saturday just gone, and so my energies recently have been going into that.  Now that that’s been and gone, I’m starting to make plans for Take 2 of the Great Jeans Experiment, thinking of a new skirt or two, and maybe a merino top (or three.  I never stop planning what to make next.  Maybe that’s what prevents me from actually getting started on the next thing).

There has been rather a cool handmade makeover project going on in my town recently, and I thought I’d link you through to have a gander at it.  By day, Knitsch is a local yarn dyer.  She is also behind the odd bit of knit graffiti that you might see around Wellington.  A little while ago, she came up with the idea of transforming a couple of the metal lampposts outside of the Dowse Museum in Lower Hutt.  And so the call went out for knitted, crocheted, and felted flora and fauna suitable for adding to It’s a tree! Installation started in mid-May, and a couple of weeks ago several local crafters, myself included, went along to help Knitsch with installing a plethora of leaves, flowers and creatures (Owls! Tuis! Gnomes!).  Especially exciting that night were the LED flowers that SmartCrafting designed and taught us how to make.  I reckon you should head on over to the Outdoor Knit blog to check out what it looked like that night.

PS.  That’s me in the second photo, all rugged up.  We were very fortunate that evening to have the ONLY clear evening in about a 3 week stretch of almost constant rain.