It’s not just me!

HandMakeMeOver isn’t just going to be about me: there will be other contributors as well!


Well hello!

I mentioned that I was setting up the blog to a few friends, and I’ve managed to convince a couple of others that they should join in the fun!  So this blog isn’t just going to be about me and my handmade makeover, but will feature projects from others as well.  With any luck, there will be a new project to read and talk about each week.

I’ll be back soon with a list of the projects I’m looking to complete over the next few months, and to introduce my fellow contributors.


Hello and welcome

Welcome to HandMakeMeOver.

Welcome to HandMakeMeOver!

I’m a bit of a fabricoholic – my stash is rather large.  In the past, I used to make lots of clothes for myself, but recently I haven’t been so good at actually sewing up that fabric into stylish garments.  In the meantime, my wardrobe has got to feel a bit boring, and mainly bought.

I decided that this needs to change, and  I’ve started this blog to help me stay motivated.  I’m going share my revamp with you, but also, I hope that you’ll help me out along the way with comments, feedback, and most importantly, advice.  Help me look stylish again!  Help me with my Handmade Makeover – help me HandMakeMeOver!