Revivals! This blog, the fashion of my youth, and my sad wardrobe.

I’ve decided it’s time to spark-up the old blogging engines again, and resurrect Handmakemeover. I have an overflowing stash, I was on a stash diet for so long, but recently I may have had a little binge. Or two. Maybe even three. And we won’t count what I’ve picked up from op-shops, because that’s not really fabric shopping…

I'd love to say this was all I'd bought in the last year, but that would be a lie.
I’d love to say this was all I’d bought in the last year, but that would be a lie.

But first I need to do something about the ridiculousness of my current wardrobe. I have a problem. If you follow my business blog, you might have read that one of my objectives for this year is to achieve laundry hamper zero.

At least 3 of the garments on top are actually made by me.
At least 3 of the garments on top are actually made by me.

I nearly got there actually, for a very brief moment, but I have way too many clothes. I need to get rid of A LOT of them. I need help to do this, because I am lily-livered. I’d guesstimate that I have at least one cubic metre of excess clothing. I need a plan to cull. While I’d love to just hire a stylist, right now that’s not really an option I can look at. (My ideal would be to work with a stylist who would look at my stash and say, ooh, you should make this from this, and that would look fabulous as that. Shopping for clothes is just not really my thing.)

Should I:

a) get rid of everything that doesn’t fit with my current buying principles (made-by-me, NZ-made, AU-made (most of my professional wardrobe is from Cue) or bought from an op-shop)

b) get rid of everything that is older than a certain date (but then I’d have to get rid of the awesome tops that I bought when I was in my early 20s, and if fashion predictions are right, the 90s are about to come back in a big way… Also, they’re cute. I like them…)

c) invite a bunch of friends around, pile up everything I own, and get them to go through them and do a Trinny-and-Sussanah-esque critique of it all (and get them to  remove all the “nos” from my house at the end of the session).

One things for certain: I’m going to need some help with this, so your comments will be greatly appreciated!

xx Elisabeth


Need help choosing a style that suits you?

A couple of tools to help you choose flattering clothes.

I just came across a link to, and found they have a couple of cute tools to help you choose styles to fit your shape and personality.  Many of their dresses look super cute too – and they are upfront about what body shape they’ll look good on.  Me likey!

Now, I would add their lovely widget into my blog post right here and now, but I’ve just discovered the WordPress won’t let me do that because of the type of widget it is.  So you’ll just have to pop on over to their site to take these two little quizzes:

I also like that they describe pear-shaped women as athletic.  Why yes, of course I’m athletic. *cough cough*

I added to my stash (whoops)

I bought fabric for a new dress! Oops 🙂

Last Sunday was the final day of the Global Fabrics sale, so I headed along to claim my 50% off fabric.  I’d seen some lovely wool crêpe at the start of the sale, when it was only 40% off, and I was really hoping there would be some left.  Unfortunately no (although they did tell me there was some more coming, at full price).  I found some another wool/polyester mix though, and it might turn out even better for the pattern I have in mind (I believe having synthetic in the mix helps pleats hold their shape.  Can anyone confirm?).

This is the pattern I have in mind:

Black woollen dress from Burda
Burda magazine, 2/2005, p85

It’s from one of my many Burda magazines – I collected almost every issue for about four years.  I think the only issue I don’t have from during that period was because the container fell off the ship, so none ever made it to NZ.

I’m not sure how soon I’ll get to actually make this.  March is turning into March Market Madness month for me, so I’m concentrating on making stuff to sell for the next few weeks.  After that, I’m planning on really getting into my wardrobe revamp!

Feedback time!

I’d really appreciate your comments on:

  • Is it true that synthetic content helps with pleats?
  • Will this look good on pear-shaped me?
  • Anything else you think appropriate 🙂