Finally introducing myself!

Hey, I’m Shell!  I’m not new to the world of sewing, but I find out about so many fantastic things all the time that I feel as if I am.  I actually started sewing when I was a kid, thanks to my mom.  She used to make outfits for my Cabbage Patch doll (and I think some for me to match!) and I got interested, so she taught me the basics.  My best friend in grade school’s mom was a seamstress and I took one introductory class from her.  I still have the bag I made!  After that it was all learning-by-doing (still with mom’s help for a while).

When I was in college my interest sparked again and my parents got me a sewing machine for my birthday.  I used the sewing lab with the help of a friend who was in a class there, and had my first shot with an overlocker (I’d end up with one of those some years later).

One day, when I was totally bored with my wardrobe, I started looking online for ways to spice up my extensive t-shirt collection, because I used to wear them several sizes too large (yay bad teenager fashion sense) and I wanted to make them fitted and cute.  It was then I found the massive online crafting community that exists and I started pursuing sewing and crafting with renewed enthusiasm.

These days, with a regular job and other obligations for my personal time, finding time to sew and create is hard, but I manage to cram it in there.  I still look for fun ways to reinvent my own wardrobe, and my t-shirt collection is still too huge.  Sometimes the lack of formal training is frustrating, but thanks to that fabulous crafting community, I can always find a way to solve any problems I come up against.  Each new project I take on teaches me something, and once in a while mom will still come out to help, too.


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