allow me to introduce myself…

hello!  i am cindy, a.k.a. cinderelly over on glitter, and also on my blogger blog, band-aids required! i am a professional seamstress, for 20 plus years now.   as such, i am like elizabeth, also a fabric junkie!  adding to that, i am also quite a beadaholic as well.  my latest ‘fun thing’ in my life has been bellydance, and i have been doing that for the past 5 years now.   i work out of my home altering clothes, and also altering and sewing bellydance costuming.  i have a good friend with a little shop in our area where i also take bellydance lessons, and she sometimes puts some of my creations into her shop to sell.

as i said before, i am currently blogging on blogger, so please bear with me as i learn the wordpress site.  (i have a rather slow learning curve as a computer user!)  the first thing i want to learn is how get pictures up!   when i figure that out, i will put up some photos of some of the costumes i am working on currently, and maybe past ones that are finished, as i have taken photos of lots of my projects.  i am looking forward to this “hand make me over” blog project, to see what new, fun stuff we come up with!


Author: cinderelly

i am a professional seamstress that also loves bellydance. i was in the bridal industry for a while, but finally realised i just could not deal with bridezilla on a regular basis. i now sew alterations for people, and also make and alter bellydance costumes. i also love art and jewelry, so there is often lots of glittery things hanging around my house...sometimes even the kitties are walking around with glittery fur!

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